Quality and guarantees


Our in-house process is a chain made up of links, each with its own specialisation.

From purchasing all the way through to guaranteed delivery, we specialise in the following disciplines:


We screen all our suppliers for reliability, certification and quality. All terms and conditions are laid down in a contractually binding agreement.

Inward shipment

Our carcasses are checked according to purchasing specifications for:

  • Origin and documents

  • Date of slaughter

  • Temperature and visual condition

  • PH

  • Hygiene

We assign all incoming goods a unique batch number for track and trace purposes. This enables us to see automatically who delivered a certain batch and who it will be supplied to.

Microbiological samples are taken of each and every batch by an independently accredited laboratory. We test for aerobic bacteria count, enterobacteriaceae, salmonella and escherichia.

From this point onwards, we can take your orders and will carry out the following phases to guarantee delivery to you.


Our specialists handle production under the control of expert production managers. We use batches in our in-line production process. The batches include regular, QS or Halal and they are checked in accordance with protocols.

We monitor each phase multiple times every day for:

  • Initial hygiene (Agar)

  • Personal hygiene

  • Interim cleaning

  • Cuts and vacuum

  • Fat percentage measured in trimmings


We have the right packaging for every product and every wish. We can supply our fresh or frozen articles unpacked, in deep-drawing film or in shrink film. If desired the products can be delivered in crates, boxes, jumbo boxes, dolav box pallets or frozen naked (block).

For every delivery that we make, we assign the origin data to the delivered product. We do this by means of a unique batch number placed on the label. This enables us to trace everything for you and for us.

The data consist of:

  • Date of slaughter

  • Production date

  • Shelf-life date

  • Batch number

  • Country of birth

  • Country of fattening

  • Country of slaughter

  • EEC number of the slaughterhouse

  • Country of deboning and EEC number of the production company

  • Name and weight of the delivered product

After packing the products are sent in this line for checking by a metal detector.

Order picking

After we receive your order, we enter it in our system and it can be completed only by barcode scanning. This allows us to follow your order to ensure that it is complete and correct. It also enables us to compile a database that can help you and us to meet your needs and quality requirements.


We deliver Europe-wide by means of air-conditioned vehicles and for that purpose we cooperate with leading transport firms. Just-in-time is the key to the success of this cooperation.


Once your delivery is underway at the end of the production day, we start making preparations for a good start. At the end of production an external cleaning company thoroughly cleans and disinfects our plant. The cleaning company employs experts and use biological cleaning agents that are environment-friendly. By means of high-pressure cleaning, everything is first sprayed clean and then foamed. After this phase there is disinfection and rinsing. Every morning before production begins our own staff members make a complete check and inspection with Agar controls. We do this to make absolutely certain that our premises are completely clean. This is the only way to ensure that this final but no means unimportant link in the chain provides a good basis for being proud of our attained BRC, OS and Halal certificates.